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Earth Observation for Sustainable Development


We are an AI-enabled NewSpace entity aiming to provide a state-of-the-art data experience for high potential verticals in 

Food Security

Energy Security  

National Security

Fielding a unified AI-enabled real-time multi-sensor data fusion engine operating across multiple verticals on a Global basis with tremendous scaling potential.


  • Precision Agriculture: Supply chain optimization - Land, Water, Fertilizer, Machinery, Finance Planning

  • Rapid Energy Transition to Renewables, Accurate power forecasting, and Monitoring of infrastructure

  • UN SDGs and Paris Climate Change Compliance. Emissions Monitoring

  • Revolution in Military Affairs 2.0: Dense C4ISR, Urgent Threat Detection, Pred Maintenance

  • Data Fusion of Space, Airborne, Terrestrial, Weather, and Auxiliary Platforms

  • Sensors: EO, RF, IR, Multi-Spectral Imagery, SIGINT, HUMINT, text data, etc. 

  • Multi-national consortium of experts in Agriculture, Maritime, Finance & Banking, Data Science, Aerospace, Government





The 4th Industrial Revolution and Global Markets


The Fourth Industrial Revolution, is fully underway, which refers to the convergence of physical assets and advanced digital technologies such as the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), robots, drones, satellites, edge computing, and more than communicate, analyze, and act upon information, enabling organizations, consumers, and society to be more flexible and responsive and make more intelligent, data-driven decisions. These technologies are supercharging efficiency, cost-cutting, and profit-maximizing. 

To succeed in this era, understanding these technologies can help in all areas of businesses, including strategy, workforce and talent management, societal impact, and, of course, technological operations. Specific forces and powerful trends are underway in the relevant sectors for VegaMX.



Products & Services

What We Do

Optimizing land, water, fertilizer to maximize yields and improve farmers’ income and manage lending, insurance, and financial risk. Soil Moisture, Soil health such as NPK, water mapping, yield estimation, crop classification, GHG emissions, supporting logistics, and financial services are critically dependent on the use of satellite imagery, weather, AI / ML, edge computing, and big data.


Driving Factors - Climate impact, Raising Farm Productivity, Fusion of Telecom and Finance, Optimizing Supply Chain!


Fourth of July Airplanes

Conventionals: Peaking of Oil demand with a negative environmental footprint of fossil fuels such as GHG emissions and international agreements such as the Paris Accord, requiring real-time monitoring and reporting. Further exploration and infrastructure and asset management, including operations and maintenance, are critically reliant on the extensive usage of satellite imagery, AI, and big data.

This is true of offshore assets and vessel tracking for global maritime and ship monitoring.  


Renewables and Power Grid: Solar/Wind are attaining grid parity with fossil fuels.  Assessment of resource potential, infra and asset monitoring for vegetation, fires, floods requires satellite imagery, weather, AI, edge computing, and big data

Driving Factors - Decarbonization, Decentralization & Digitization!

Aerospace and Defense



Image by Josh Berendes

Maritime, Land, Air, Space operations are rapidly moving in the multi-domain segment where integrated battlefield management systems are networked through the use of satellite imagery, weather, AI, edge computing, networking, and big data.  Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance( C4ISR + EW ), Unmanned systems, Communication Technology, etc., is critical to this revolution of the Internet of the battlefield and situational awareness. VegaMX aims to be an enabler and a catalyst in this domain.

Driving Factors - Sensor Saturation, Digital Battlefield, Real-Time Situational Awareness!


How We Function

SAR Satellites


High Altitude UAVs

Markets & Banks

Farmer Networks

IoT - Alternate Data Sources

VegaMX Data Edge

VegaMX Data Edge

How we function
Partners and Support


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