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Satellites & UAV

Active and Passive  RADAR Satellite, Optical, Hyperspectral satellites and UAVs


Soil Data / Crop Data 

Estimated using Soil Moisture Maps + In-situ soil sensors + Satellite data for crop health monitoring + Govt / commercial / open data sources such as USDA, FAO etc


Agricultural Data / Statistics

Farmer Network + data from govt/commercial sources such as Household production, losses and economic condition of households etc.

  • Transaction Records: Covering value, date, product quantity, type, farmer’s identify  

  • Agronomic Survey Data: Collected by field agents, bank officers, mobile phones such as demographics, GPS location, farmer’s production and sales track record.

  • Data collected by Agribusinesses: Farmer surveys, farm measurements using GPS, mobile based farm photographs for proof of identity

Alternative Data Sources

  • Mobile-network operator data, mobile phone data, metadata

  • E-commerce data, Social Media, Marketing Research or psychometric data.


Meteorological / Weather

Met Depts. like MoWRaM (Cambodia), India Met. Dept. (India), NOAA (US), etc.

Field Observers & Network of Farmers- Sample Data Sets

  • Crop Classification (Crop Signature)

  • Crop Health Monitoring (Sowing to Harvesting)

  • Crop Yield Estimation during all stages, such as Germination, Growth , Vegetative, POD, Grain Formation, and Harvesting

  • Weather Data: Wind Speed, Sunlight Heat, Temperature, Air Moisture, Rainfall, Drought, Dry Spells, Soil Moisture

  • Pest & Diseases : Type of Pest & Diseases, Infestation Percentage


Satellite  + Farmer Network Data Flow
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